Represents the very best in home fragrance, this soy candle collection was inspired by the rich coastal region of Central California with its incredible florals, mouth watering fruits & citrus, ocean spray, and mountain air. Fashioned in smokey brown glass adorned by a silver medallion crest, and a signature heat-resistant cover designed to also serve as a pedestal for the candle. These candles will illuminate your home and captivate your senses.

Our collection of fragrances include:
Boardwalk – waffle cone, surf, sand & driftwood.
Cherimoya – green leaf, cherimoya & clean musk.
Luxe Linen – warm linen, herbal tea & sandalwood. (featured scent)
Pomegranate Sage – fresh pomegranate, sage, patchouli & teak.
Sandalwood Vanilla – bergamot & lavender, vanilla, sandalwood & musk.
Shoreline – ocean air, coastal flowers & precious woods.

10 oz/100 hour





Portfolio Candles by Aquiesse